Second Site supports international sites. There are some limitations and caveats, as follows.

  1. The Second Site user interface is available in U.S. English only.
  2. Dutch users have to be careful to choose the proper entry in the Data.Language.Sentence Language pull-down menu. If you are using TMG v4, choose Nederlands. If you are using TMG v5+, choose Dutch.
  3. Your TMG dataset or project must include sentence definitions in your language of choice. Set the Data.Language.Sentence Language property appropriately.
  4. The most convenient way to create an international site is to start with a new SDF file based on the appropriate defaults file.
  5. Second Site includes Defaults Files for these languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese. Users may create their own Defaults files.
  6. Second Site only supports TMG datasets that use the "ASCII" (TMG v4) or "Machine" (TMG v5+) or "General" (TMG v5+) collating sequences. If you use a different sequence, you must change to one of the above sequences before using Second Site, and then reset it back to your preferred setting after using Second Site. See the Language Section.
  7. Second Site translates tag names using <language>.ini files that are stored in the Defaults folder. Second Site also honors tag label translations entered in your TMG project.
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