Second Site requires Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0. If Second Site warns you that MSXML6 is not installed, follow the directions below to install it.

Installation Instructions

  1. Browse to the Microsoft Core XML Services page.
  2. On that page there are several options for installing MSXML, and you must choose the right version for your PC's processor. Choose msxml6_x86.msi for 32-bit processors, or one of the 64-bit versions if you have a 64-bit processor. If you do not know which type of processor you have, it's probably a 32-bit processor and so msxml6_x86.msi is the right choice.
  3. After downloading the proper .msi file, double-click the file to open and install MSXML6.

Known Issues

Some anti-virus programs will interfere with the installation of MSXML. Webroot SpySweeper, for example, may need to be disabled if the installation does not succeed.

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