The Code: CENTER Section defines the "tmgcenter" Stylesheet class that applies to text enclosed by TMG's [CENTER:] and [:CENTER] printer codes:


Second Site implements TMG's CENTER printer code using an HTML DIV element. When you enter [CENTER:] and [:CENTER] in memos or sentences, Second Site converts it to the following HTML:

<div class="tmgcenter">text</div>

That HTML code creates a block of text, and the default values for the Code: CENTER style centers the block and centers the text within the block. That's a reasonable outcome given TMG's definition for the CENTER printer code. You are free to adjust other style parameters for centered text to suit your preference. For example, you may wish to add a border to the text, change the font-family, etc.

Note: Some style values use a reference notation. See Reference Values for an explanation of values that start with "theme:" and similar notations.

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