Icon Description User Items are combined to create icon legends, a list of icons used on your site including a description of what the icons mean. Include one Icon Description User Item for each icon you wish to describe, and group the Icon Descriptions under a Custom Page. Second Site will assemble one or more contiguous Icon Description User Items into a table where the icons appear in column 1 and the descriptions in column 2.


  • Icon Legend
    • familya
    • familyb
    • familyc
    • familyd

The diagram shows a segment of the User Item list that includes a Custom Page named "Icon Legend" with four nested Icon Description User Items. That arrangement would create a page with a table of four rows, one row per icon. Each icon would presumably be used to identify members of a family where those members have a custom flag named Family set to "A", "B", "C", or "D".

For an explanation of how flag icons are named, see the Icons Section.

Edit Icon Description

The Edit Icon Description window controls the properties associated with an Icon Description User Item.

Icon Type

The Icon Type pull-down menu determines the type of icon you want to describe. The choices are "Image" and "Button Image". Use "Image" to describe icons that are included as graphic files in the Output (-o) folder of the site. That will include icons that you add via the Icons Section. Use "Button Image" for icons that are part of Second Site Themes including the icons that start and stop slideshows, open images in a lightbox, etc.


Choose the icon being described using the Icon pull-down menu. The pull-down menu includes all the images that are available based on the Icon Type.

When the Icon Type is set to "Image", the Icon pull-down menu includes image codes that are used in some Themes and not in others, which is how all image pull-down menus work in Second Site. If the Image Preview does not show an image, then the image is not present in the Theme folder or Input (-i) folder and will not appear in the output. If you are describing an Icon that you intend to add via the Icons Section, add the icon before adding the Icon Description User Item.

The icon will appear in column 1 of the table.


See Enabled on the User Items page.


Use the Description property to describe how the icon is used on the site.


Style attributes for the table that encloses the Icon Descriptions may be adjusted using the parameters in the Stylesheets.System.Icon Legends.Icon Legend Table section.

Style attributes for the cells in the Icon Legend table may be adjusted using the parameters in the Stylesheets.System.Icon Legends.Icon Description Cells section.

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