A Person Link is a User Item that creates a link to the person page entry of a person in the site. Use a Person Link User Item to add a person to one of the site's menus. Combine multiple Person Link User Items with a Custom Page User Item to create a list of notable people.

If the person has not been included on the site, Second Site omits the item and no link will appear.

Edit Person Link

The Edit Person Link window controls the properties associated with a Person Link.


Enter the person's name as you want it to appear in the menu or on the Custom Page.


Enter the TMG ID# of the person whose person page entry should be the target of the link.

See Menu on the User Items page.

Button Image

See Button Image on the User Items page.


If Enabled is checked, Second Site will create the Person Link the next time you make the site. If Enabled is unchecked, the link will not be created. For more information, see Enabled on the User Items page.


See Description on the User Items page.

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