This page shows the changes made to Second Site Version 1 over 25+ revisions before it was replaced by Second Site Version 2. See the current Change Log for more recent changes.

Links to pages that no longer exist are in this format.

2 February 2007

Version 1.9 Build 16


  • Fixed a bug where the second and subsequent references to an external exhibit file would sometimes specify the wrong filename, leading to "file not found" errors and other issues
  • Fixed a bug where some tag labels were incorrect in Formats that show the tag label
  • Changed the code that processes embedded citations to make it more flexible with regard to colons and semi-colons in the citation detail text


  • No changes to Themes or Formats
26 January 2007

Version 1.9 Build 13


  • Added logic to change spaces, ampersands (&), and pound signs (#) to underscores when they occur in exhibit filenames
  • Added support for UTF-8 (Unicode) output; see HTML Character Set in the Language Section
  • For advanced users, Second Site now supports automation via Startup Switches


  • Changed the Narration Format to correct a formatting error where short person page entries with image exhibits didn't wrap properly if there were no citations
  • Changed Carla's Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme to avoid problem with IE7
  • Changed exhibit HTML to avoid an issue with IE7 browser
  • Fixed a bug where the GENDEX file did not honor the Suppress Details for Living People setting
  • Fixed a bug where the TITLE= parameter was set improperly for some exhibit images
  • Fixed a bug where [W+] was treated the same as [W]
  • Fixed a bug where spaces were suppressed before a conditional variable reference that started with a printer code, for example:

    [P] was born <[D]> <[ITAL:][M][:ITAL]>

  • Fixed a problem formatting sentences where with certain memo data, a period was added to tag output even though a period was the last printable character in the memo and the memo was the last output for the tag
  • Fixed an issue where unsupported printer codes such as [FONTT:]...[:FONTT] would not work properly if used within conditional variable references such as this example from a source template: <[FONTT:][TITLE][:FONTT]>


  • Changed image_page_template.htm in all Themes as part of changing exhibit HTML to avoid an issue with the IE7 browser: "width:" parameter moved from inner DIV to outer DIV.
  • Changed site.sss in all Themes as part of changing HTML to avoid an issue with IE7 browser; removed the following line both places it appears:

    StyleOutput " display: table; width: 0px;"

  • Changed site.sss in Carla Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme to avoid problem in IE7; removed the following line in the "#border" style:

    StyleOutput " height:expression(""100%"");" ' only for IE '

  • Changed scripts.ssi in Carla Graphics Theme and Generic Graphics Theme as part of IE7 changes
17 June 2006

Version 1.9 Build 9


  • Added the Dates.Site Activity Date Format property to allow user control of the Last Edited date format as well as the Build date format
  • Added support for the [YEAR] variable ([YEAR] is a synonym for [Y] which was already implemented)
  • Deleted the Icon Library from the online version of the help pages; some nefarious people (not SS users) were stealing bandwidth by linking directly to the icon images on my web site


  • Fixed a problem where the Image Exhibit Strings.ALT Message was used as the TITLE (tooltip) for linked image exhibits if the exhibit had no caption
  • Fixed a bug where defining 25 or more relationship charts would cause a failure
  • Fixed a bug in the Place Index feature where some entries would appear twice in the master place index, once as a link and once as plain text
  • Fixed a bug in the Framed Theme where the site.sss file did not include the "charindex" version of the Surname Character Index style
  • Fixed a bug where the first sentence in the second paragraph was not always capitalized properly when Style.BMDB First was selected
  • Fixed a bug where links to the place index were not formed properly when the place had only a single subfield and the place was at the end of the sentence


  • The Framed Theme was updated as described above in the Fixes and Changes section
12 March 2006

Version 1.9 Build 7


  • Added support for Portuguese sites
  • Added support for Italian sites, with the caveat that there are no relationship sentences for Italian
  • Added the Page Sizes.Name Index Surname Repeat property
  • Changed ALT/TITLE text processing for exhibits: SS now removes HTML tags before setting the caption text as the ALT or TITLE text
  • Changed the sentence engine to be more forgiving of duplicate language errors
  • Changed the icon used in the name index that indicates the person has a primary image exhibit; the new icon is generic person profile


  • Changed all Themes to use slightly different HTML and CSS for the surname character index to avoid alignment issues that occurred with specific Themes and alignment choices

    If you have customized the appearance of the Surname Character Index in existing SDF files, you will have to reset the formatting via the Stylesheets section.

  • Changed the Carla's Graphics and Generic Graphics Themes to use different HTML that does not trigger the "no scroll to target" bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer

    As a result of the change, you may have to increase the Styles.Page Graphic Offset property to move the content of the page a little more to the right; if the value is set to 150, increase it to 160, for example.

  • Changed the Narrative and Narration Formats to honor the Strings.Sentence Strings.Paragraph Indent property
  • Fixed a bug where capitalization differences would result in extra surname breaks when using any Language.Sort Sequence other than ASCII
  • Fixed a bug where SS was adding a comma to the value of [L] even when there was only a single place subfield in the value of [L]
  • Fixed a bug where Second Site could not import VCF charts with filenames that include accented characters
  • Fixed a bug where the Capitalize function (used in the Narrative Format) failed when the string passed to the function was empty


  • See the site.sss and surname_index_template.htm files in the Theme that is the most similar to your custom Theme for changes related to the surname character index; the "sci" style was renamed "charindex" and applied via a DIV that encloses the A elements
  • If you have a custom Theme based on either the Carla's Graphics or Generic Graphics Theme, you may have to modify your site.css file and scripts.ssi files.

    In site.sss, the changes are near the top of the file and include changes for the HTML and BODY elements as well as the #border style.

    In scripts.ssi, update the ContentStart() and ContentStop() functions.

    In both cases, imitate the versions supplied with Second Site.

  • The Narrative and Narration Formats now use the $strindent variable so that they honor the Strings.Sentence Strings.Paragraph Indent property
31 October 2005

Version 1.9 Build 4



  • Fixed an error where sites with high pages numbers (1 person per page, static page assignments, TMG ID# > 32767) would generate "Overflow" error messages in the Make Site log
  • Fixed an error where the Generic Graphics Theme did not include all the CSS parameters for the Column Grid 1, Column Grid 2, and Column Grid 3 classes as defined in other Themes
  • Fixed an error where the birth date of excluded living parents would appear in the parent section of the person page entry for a deceased child
  • Fixed an error where a parent's ahnentafel number was not always correct in the XML processed by Formats, leading to parents being out of order in the parent section
  • Fixed an error where families weren't always in the correct sequence when a subject has multiple spouses and at least one union was childless


  • Added support for relationship memos to all Formats; see the $memo variable used in the children loop
  • Changed the site.sss file for the Generic Graphics Theme to fix the missing parameters problem described above
  • Changed all Formats to support citation references for children entries
24 September 2005

Version 1.9 Build 2



  • Fixed a problem where the [EMAIL:][:EMAIL] codes were not working
  • Fixed a problem where pronouns were appearing improperly if the subject was referenced by a [R:rolename] variable
  • Fixed a problem where the parent sentence was not sorted properly when BMDB First is checked
  • Fixed a problem where the e-mail subject (context) was not set properly when clicking the compiler's name on chart and chart list pages
  • Fixed a problem where the there was no comma separating the citation reference number for an embedded citation from the citation reference numbers for the citations attached to the tag if the embedded citation was at the end of the sentence output
  • Fixed a problem where international characters such as ä did not appear properly when used in the Gender Strings properties
14 August 2005

Version 1.9 Build 0

Second Site Version 1.9 Preview Release; for information about the Preview Release program, see Second Site News #022.


  • Added the Relationship Chart feature; see the example charts
  • Added the Include Childless Spouses option to the Linked Descendant chart
  • Changed the inclusion rules for the Linked Descendant Chart; when Include Spouses is checked, included children shared with an excluded spouse are now included in the chart whereas they were not included before


  • Re-implemented the Narrative Format using the XML/XSLT facility
  • Re-implemented the Grid Format using the XML/XSLT facility
  • All Formats are now implemented using the XML/XSLT facility
    • All Formats can be customized by advanced users
    • The word Format is now used in place of "XML Format"
  • Added the Narration Format which is similar to the Narrative Format; see the example page
  • All Formats now honor the Format section properties Add Parent Sentence, BMDB First, and Force BMDB Sequence
  • Changed the family/children section of all Formats to support the children indicator
  • Modified all Formats, mostly to improve exhibit handling and to use CSS CLASS="sn" for the subject name
  • Expanded the exhibit attributes available to Custom Formats; extra tags are now written when the XSL stylesheet sets ss-exhibit-format to "1" or "2"



  • Second Site now supports citation exhibits. If you use a custom Format, please read the Customization section
  • Exhibits now respect the TMG exhibit ordering sequence
  • Added the Images from Alternate Image Folder Only property; when checked, Second Site will ignore image exhibits unless the exhibit has an alternate version in the Alternate Image Folder
  • Changed the Alternate Image Folder processing; Second Site will now substitute an image file from the Alternate Image Folder if it has the same name but one of the standard web image file types (JPG, GIF, PNG)


  • Added the Names.Subject Role Rule property which allows the user to make SS treat the [R:rolename] variable exactly as TMG does; see the more detailed explanation on the Names Section page
  • Second Site now writes witness names in the user-defined sequence in sentences when more than one witness is shown via a single witness variable such as [R:rolename]


  • Added the Language.HTML Character Set property and modified all Themes to use that value in the Content Type META tag
  • Added the Names.Surname Style Only property
  • Changed the Flag Icon HTML such that a page opened via the HREF parameter will now open in the main window for framed Themes
  • Changed the HTML generated for the place index pages to eliminate some extra, unneeded spacing

User Interface

  • Added the File > Make Theme from Site command which makes a new custom Theme using the contents of the current -t folder
  • Added verification of the existence of the User Data Folder (if any) when the program starts and when a site is made
  • The [Set Database...] button will now open to the current project's folder (if any) or to the folder of the last project used by TMG, or to TMG's default project folder
  • Added the Macro menu to the Text Editor; the Macro menu includes script statements and makes it easier to use Page.PersonHREF, etc.
  • Added the [PageLink:]id;name[:PageLink] code for use in memos to add a link to the person indicated by the ID. SS substitutes the primary name if name is not specified. If PageLink is specified inside HID codes, the link is not suppressed so there is no need to wrap the PageLink codes within [SS:] and [:SS]


  • Added EnglishUK-specific relationship sentences via EnglishUK-relations.ini


  • Fixed an error where choosing "Peer of Output Folder" for the Exhibits section Output Folder property did not generate the proper HREFs
  • Fixed a problem where brackets in names broke the middle initial parser
  • Fixed a problem where a large number of combined Name and Place Styles in the TMG project would cause an error in SS; SS will now handle an arbitrarily large number of styles
  • Fixed an error where the primary image exhibit icon was shown even when details were suppressed for living people
  • Fixed a problem where SS would generate many "Object variable or With block variable not set" errors when using the Simple Text Format with "Show Place Index" selected; the Place Index (like most other features) is now ignored when the Format is set to Simple Text
  • Fixed an error where certain printer codes such as [:NB:] were visible in surnames on the surname index page
  • Fixed an error when importing a VCF chart before setting the TMG dataset
  • Fixed an error where the Filename property was not implemented properly for custom indexes based on a person's events
  • Fixed an error where witnesses were not listed in the proper sequence when using the Grid Format
  • Fixed an error where the wrong witnesses were listed when using the Grid Format and referring to witnesses via a variable reference in the event memo
  • Fixed a problem where transcriptions associated with image exhibits were not included on linked image exhibits except in the Carla's Graphics Theme


  • Added the "cctl" and "cctlr" styles which are used by Relationship charts
  • As part of an ongoing process to clean up the HTML and CSS to remove support for old browsers, I changed the SSS files such that the Main Text style is copied to the BODY tag only, rather than a long list of other tags. This changed was tested in Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, Netscape 7, Mozilla 1.7.7, and Opera 7.54, and works properly in those browsers
  • In all Themes, changed the exhibit-related classes in site.sss to enable a simplification of the generated HTML related to exhibits
  • As part of adding citation exhibits, changed the citation template rule in all Formats. Custom Formats will need a similar change. See the section that begins with <xsl:template match="citation"> in any of the Formats supplied with Second Site
  • Please note that no changes are required in custom Themes to support the option to include or exclude Previous Page and Next Page links on certain pages; the Page object functions that return page navigation links will return an empty string when the user has turned off the links
  • Changed the DOCTYPE declaration for all templates in all Themes to include the full DTD reference
  • Changed image_page_template.htm in all Themes except Carla's Graphics to include <%=Exhibit.Text%> as part of the fix mentioned above for image document transcriptions
  • Changed image_page_template.htm in all Themes to simplify the HTML
  • Changed the Generic Graphics and Carla's Graphics Themes to employ a different approach for the left-border graphic; this approach will work for arbitrarily wide browser windows without repeating the left-border graphic. Please Note: If you have made your own graphic sets for either Theme, you must make a "border.jpg" graphic following the model of the four included with SS
  • Changed all Themes such that HTML tags are removed from the text between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags using the new GetTextOnly() Second Site script function
  • Changed scripts.ssi for all Themes to honor the Language.HTML Character Set property; see MakeHeadTags() in the appropriate scripts.ssi file
  • Changed index.htm and scripts.ssi for the Generic Graphics and Carla's Graphics Themes to use the TITLE parameter rather than the ALT parameter for tooltip text; see MakePageHeader() and MakePageFooter() in the appropriate scripts.ssi file
6 February 2005

Version 1.8 Build 7


  • Added the HEAD Tags textbox to the Edit Custom Page window
  • Fixed a problem with the Default to English property; the problem was introduced by the change in version 1.8.6
  • Fixed a problem with the implementation of the [CM] variable in citation sentences


  • No changes
1 February 2005

Version 1.8 Build 6


  • Changed the place index function to handle unprintable characters in the place data
  • Changed the implementation of the Default to English property; the feature now works at the role level rather than at the tag level
  • Changed the pop-up pedigree logic; now, the lifespan is not shown for an excluded person if the person is alive
  • Changed the Choose Timeline File... button in the Edit Timeline Entry Window to begin in the project's Timeline folder
  • Fixed the processing of the Timeline File Start Year and End Year properties; they are ignored if they are outside the range of the chart as determined by the Subject IDs or the Chart properties
  • Fixed a bug with timeline files where users would recieve a "File 'timetoa.prg' not found." message when making a site that includes a timeline chart that uses certain timeline files
  • Fixed a bug with timeline files where deleted entries were included in the chart
  • Fixed a problem where more than 9 entries in the Timeline Entries list caused an error when trying to edit the chart
  • Fixed a bug in the Icon facility where Flag fields that did not exist in the current database (as a result of changing the database property) made Second Site fail
  • Fixed a bug where the place information icon did not appear in the Master Place Index in all cases when the Master Place Format was set to "By Subfields"
  • Fixed a bug where the place index HTML files were not using the user's custom filetype


  • Added the CSS parameter "clear:both;" to the first tag in the footer to avoid some odd wrapping problems when an exhibit was the last item on the page before the footer; see scripts.ssi in all Themes
25 December 2004

Version 1.8 Build 0


  • Added the Place Index Section including support for place comments and place exhibits
  • Added the Timeline Chart feature
  • Added the Custom Pages Section
  • Added support for the Show Gender property to all the Formats
  • Added support for audio and video exhibits; like images, Second Site supports external audio and video exhibits only
  • Second Site writes citation references (superscripted citation numbers) in the order indicated by TMG's Tag Entry window, i.e., Second Site supports the citation sequencing feature in TMG v6.
  • For all Formats except Narrative, Second Site writes witness names in the order indicated by TMG's Tag Entry window, i.e., Second Site supports the witness sequencing feature in TMG v6
  • Added the File > Save As... command
  • Added a Dutch version of the Carla's Graphics Family History graphics set; Family History (Dutch).zip can be downloaded from my site
  • Added support for a Formats folder and a Defaults folder in the User Data Folder
  • Added Theme name validation to the File > Open command
  • Added file paths and other information to the Make Site log
  • Changed the text formatting code such that carriage returns entered in memos between the [HTML:] and [:HTML] codes are ignored
  • Changed the Database.Include Witnessed Events property; it is now disabled if Database.Primary tags Only is checked
  • Changed ALT= HTML parameters to TITLE= parameters
  • Improved the error message when a short place template is not valid within the context of a place style
  • Fixed a bug where the first reference to the subject in the narrative was incorrectly replaced by a pronoun when Pronoun Substitution was set to Use TMG rule and the person had a relationship section entry


  • Second Site now copies all files in the User Data Folder\Themes folder as part of changing the Theme. Be careful; files in the User Data Folder\Themes folder will be included in the site even if the current Theme is a standard Theme
  • Added the place_index_template.htm file to all Themes as part of adding the Place Index feature; place_index_template.htm is the basis for the place master index (pm1.htm), all the place index pages (pd1.htm - pdN.htm), and the place information pages (piN.htm)
  • Added the manual_page_template.htm file to all Themes as part of adding the Custom Pages Section
  • Both place_index_template.htm and manual_page_template.htm were based on chart_page_template.htm
  • Added a link to the main place index page (pm1.htm) to MakePageHeader and MakePageFooter methods in scripts.ssi
  • Added styles to the site.sss stylesheet script file in all Themes as part of adding Timeline Charts
  • Changed "scripts.ssi" to avoid adding the main page link to the main page in the Standard Theme and Side by Side Themes
16 October 2004

Version 1.7 Build 2


  • Added the Links.Include Master Index Link and Links.Include Surname Index Link properties
  • Fixed a bug that affected all Themes where the Surname Index page did not have the right links at the bottom of the page: the Master Index link was missing, replaced by a link to the Surname Index
  • Fixed a bug where source page exhibits were not included in sites that use any of the XML Formats


11 October 2004

Version 1.7 Build 0


  • Added the Relationships Section for adding relationship information to the person page entry
  • Added the People.Suppress Marriages for Living People property
  • Added support for a User Data Folder preference; this folder logically extends the Second Site program folder
  • Added the Exhibits.Output Folder property which controls the output folder for exhibit files
  • Added support for Second Site Include (SSI) files. SSI files can be used to define functions and subroutines that are used in multiple template files; see the Themes and Templates page
  • Added support for flag icons in all XML Formats
  • Removed the limit on the number of Icon Flags that can be added to the site via the Icons Section; icons are now managed via a list which is similar to the Custom Indexes list
  • Removed the limit on the number of links that can be added to the header and footer via the Links Section, and added the capability to assign a single link to both the header and the footer; links are now managed via a list which is similar to the Custom Indexes list
  • Added the By Reference Field, By Birth Date, and By Death Date choices to the Page Sizes.Person Page Sequence menu which controls the sequence of people on the person pages
  • Added the ability to define image document transcriptions by associating a text document with an image exhibit; store the text file in the same folder and specify the same file name. See the Exhibits page
  • Added the Names.Name Link property to control when names in a person page entry are converted to links
  • Added support for TMG's new [Y] variable
  • Added the Strings.People Strings.Parent of Woman Sentence to specify a parent sentence for a woman
  • Added the Strings.Source Strings.Citation Header string to specify a header for the citations section in the person page entries
  • Added support for Internet Explorer's Shortcut Icon capability; see the Shortcut Icon page
  • Added a new graphics choice called Family Tree to the Carla's Graphics Theme
  • When People per Page is set to 1, links to a person go to the top of the page
  • Changed the processing associated with index surnames; SS uses all the text up to the first comma as the value of the surname, but it now uses only commas that appear in the name style template and ignores commas that occur in the name data
  • Fixed a bug where excluded principal's names were not always shown when Show Excluded Principals was true
  • Fixed a problem where certain characters were converted to HTML character escapes when using the Simple Text format, for example, "é" was translated to "&#233;"
  • Fixed a bug where first name and given name variables (PF, PG, POF, POG, etc.) did not work properly when used with the Simple Text format
  • Fixed a bug where certain links from a person page entry back to a chart page entry were not correct for paged pedigree charts
  • Fixed a bug where an empty HREF parameter was included in an exhibit's image map under some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where certain non-primary name tags were not added to the name index under some circumstances


  • Changed all Themes to take advantage of the new SSI file capability; the template files are much simpler now and easier to maintain
  • I recommend that users with custom Themes move them to a Themes folder stored under the User Data Folder
  • Changed the way the Carla's Graphics and Generic Graphics Themes indent the contents of the page; I removed the TABLE, TR, and TD tags that were nested inside the outermost DIV; that table was only required by Netscape 4, but the presence of the table caused some browsers to lose named anchors on the page that in turn caused valid links to fail
  • Changed the HTML for the graphics credit logo at the bottom of each page as part of the change above
  • Added the "cith" class to all site.sss files, and changed the definition of the "citl" class
  • Removed the "Citations" section from all the XML files in the Formats folder; the Citation Header string is now defined via the Strings section in the Second Site user interface
  • Added script statements to all the HTML files in all Themes to detect the presence of the favicon.ico file in the -t folder; see the Shortcut Icon page
  • Modified the XML elements used to pass chart information to the XSL Stylesheet; chart information is now contained in list elements, not field elements
  • As part of the change to header and footer links, changed the headerlinks.sos and footerlinks.sos scripts; the scripts now refer to the new property names. If your custom Theme uses a modified version of either of those scripts, you will need to update it using the new scripts as a guide
25 April 2004

Version 1.6 Build 2


  • Fixed a bug in the image processing code where certain valid JPG files could not be processed
  • Fixed a bug where the count of people shown in the Make Site log was twice the actual count
  • Fixed a bug in all the XML Formats where the last edited date and chart membership entries were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug where certain names did not display properly in a custom index
  • Fixed a bug where the "not living" variation of a sentence was used for Living=?, when the "living" variation should have been used
  • Fixed a bug where the Make Site process was reading Name and Place Styles from all datasets in a TMG v5 project rather than the current project only
20 April 2004

Version 1.6 Build 0


  • Added support for new formats, Bullets, Indented, Two Column, Three Column, and Simple Text. The new formats are based on XML and XSLT Stylesheets. See the Format section
  • Added the Format.Detail Format property that controls whether non-narrative formats use the raw data or the sentence to format the text for a tag
  • Added the Always Use Pronoun choice to the Data.Names.Pronoun Rule property; this is a good choice when using sentences in non-narrative formats
  • Added the People.Suppress Details for Living People property
  • Added the Person Page Sequence property with choices "By TMG ID" and "By Surname"
  • Second Site's main window will now scroll if the window is too small to display the controls in the current section
  • Added the File > Preferences > Font... command
  • Modified the tag name translation facility; it now supports translating relationship tag names (Father-Bio, etc.)
  • Added the Make Styles command to the File menu
  • Added the Paste HTML Text command to the Edit menu of the Text Editor; use this command to paste HTML text copied from a browser
  • Added the Language.Site Language property to allow certain language-based options to be controlled independently of Language.Sentence Language
  • Added the Database.Primary Tags Only property that restricts the output to primary names and events
  • Changed the name index processing to work more like TMG's surname index; if the Surname display template for a particular name does not produce the same output as the Surname sort template, Second Site will add both variations to the index
  • Added the Utilities menu
  • Added the Help > Search... command that searches the help files for a specific word or phrase
  • Added the [Check BMDB Only] button to the Database.Tag List property
  • Added an Index Filename textbox to the Custom Index Definition window that can be used to set a static filename for the custom index pages
  • Disabled support for Netscape Navigator 4 in all existing Themes
  • Added a new Theme, "Standard for NN4", a copy of the "Standard" Theme that includes support for Netscape Navigator 4
  • When the Place Format property in the Places Section is set to "Short Place" or "Full, then Short", and the output of the Short Place format is empty, Second Site will substitute the full format
  • Improved exhibit file handling; if an external file is referenced by multiple exhibits, the file will be copied to the output (-p) folder only once
  • Added the capability to customize icons for external text exhibits; see the Exhibits page
  • Changed Image Map support such that the links are removed for excluded or missing people
  • Added the Strings.Sentence Strings section with a single property, Paragraph Indent, that defines the characters before the first paragraph in the narrative. The default is "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;", which is 5 spaces; delete all the text to omit the indentation
  • Changed the top frame of the Framed Theme; it now includes scrollbars
  • Added an "other" parameter to all the styles in the Stylesheets section; use "other" to provide any CSS parameter that is not included in the style. You must specify the parameter name and the value as it should appear in the stylesheet
  • For convenience, all Themes now include 3 user styles, "User Style 1", "User Style 2", and "User Style 3". Users can use "<p class=u1>", etc., in their TMG data, and set the style parameters as desired using the Second Site user interface
  • Changed the grid-related stylesheet entries (grid, g1, g2, and g3) for all Themes in order to provide more flexibility. The g1, g2, and g3 styles now include their own border attributes. The added flexibility comes at a cost; to set borders and colors you may have to change all 4 styles but you can also set the attributes independently. With a little experimenting you can get a variety of effects when using the Grid, Two Column, or Three Column formats
  • Added a better error message for the case where a person has more than two primary parents
  • Second Site now converts raw tabs in memo text to the [:TAB:] code
  • Reversed the logic for deciding whether or not an external text exhibit file contains plain text or not; the 2ndsite.ini file now contains the BrowserTextTypeChoices section that lists file extensions for files that contain plain text. All other files will be linked, not embedded. The LinkedTextTypeChoices section is now obsolete

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Made the software that reads image files accept more variations of IPTC records; IPTC records are used to record captions, etc., in JPG files and other image formats. Also, if the TMG exhibit record does not include an explicit caption (using "CAPTION:"), and the IPTC records include a caption, Second Site will use the IPTC caption for the image
  • Fixed a problem where JPG files created or edited by Adobe PhotoDeluxe had unexpected "PHUT" headers that caused an error in Second Site
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the [Set Alternate Image Folder] button would sometimes make Second Site fail
  • Fixed a bug where names in charts included raw printer codes
  • Fixed a bug where person exhibits were omitted when the person had no tags
  • Fixed a bug where an e-mail address in a source would not be parsed correctly; the domain name would include a trailing period
  • Fixed a bug where the HREF parm was incorrectly deleted from an image map if it did not use the "p#nnn" format
  • Fixed a bug where script statements were not processed in files with the custom HTMLFileSuffix
  • Fixed a bug where a carriage return at the end of the Subject IDs field would cause an endless loop
  • Fixed a bug where suffixes that end in a period such as "Jr." or "Sr." in a name variation would trigger the next word in the sentence to be capitalized


  • All Themes except Standard for NN4 were changed to disable support for Netscape Navigator 4. This simplifies and improves the support for current browsers such as IE 6.0, Netscape 7.0, Opera, etc. To modify your custom Theme, follow the instructions on the Deleting Support for Netscape 4.0 page.
  • Added the font-variant property for the "Name: Surname" style in all Themes. See the site.css file
  • See the changes above related to stylesheet changes and additions
28 November 2003

Version 1.5 Build 1


  • Fixed a bug introduced in Version 1.5 Build 0 where sources were not always formatted properly with Source Category set to Lackey
  • Fixed a bug in the new Custom Index facility where the "Index based on Last Edited date" would not retain the "Since:" date properly in all cases


  • No Themes or templates were changed with this release.
24 November 2003

Version 1.5 Build 0


  • Added support for TMG's Visual Chartform (VCF) charts; see the Charts page
  • Added support for custom indexes; see the Lists section
  • Added the ability to specify image maps for image exhibits; see the Exhibits page
  • Added new date format options that allow precise control over the format of dates; see the Dates section. For an explanation of how the new properties affect existing SDF files, see the SDF File Conversion for Version 1.5 Build 0
  • Added "F7" (edit memo) functionality to text fields in the Icon Definition dialog
  • Added support for TMG's new [MOTHO] and [FATHO] variables (mother and fathe of the other principal)
  • Added support for printer codes FONTT, FONTD, FONTL, FONTM, FONTE, FONTB, and FONTP. Second Site does not implement special text formatting for those items, so the codes do not alter the format of the text, but the variables are removed from the text
  • Added support for Italian sites
  • Changed the default value for Pages.Build.Include Database Memo from checked to unchecked
  • Changed the tag-loading code to remove the limit on the number of tags per person; the program will load tags until it runs out of memory
  • Fixed a bug related to icon use where many icon values with Alt Text assigned caused an invalid subscript message
  • Fixed a bug where the [MOTH] and [FATH] variables mistakenly included the prefix "son of" or "daughter of"
  • Fixed an inconsistency with TMG where "(" preceding a parent variable (PAR, PARO, PAR1, PAR2) in a conditional variable reference did not prevent the leading ", " (comma-space) of the parent value
  • Fixed a bug where question marks in Flag names caused an error when editing Icon properties
  • Fixed a bug where deleted tag types were included in the Tags list
  • Fixed a bug where an extra period was added to the end of a sentence where the sentence ended with a place and the last element of the place was an abbreviation that ended in a period
  • Fixed an inconsistency with TMG where Second Site would not use the same source sentence as TMG under a particular set of circumstances involving Lackey sources and the dataset being switched from Lackey to Custom Source Categories


  • For this release I changed many of the template files to use "Page.Title" rather than other methods to access the page title. For custom Themes, you must change the list_page_template.htm file to reference "Page.Title", "Page.Description", and "Page.Data" in place of "List.Title", "List.Description", and "List.Data".
  • I also added "custom_index_template.htm" to all the Themes supplied with Second Site. This template is very similar to "master_index_template.htm" and "surname_index_template.htm".
  • All the Themes supplied with Second Site use the "customindexlinks.sos" script to construct a clickable list of custom indexes. The list is added to the header and footer of various pages.
5 May 2003

Version 1.4 Build 7


  • Added the Include Spouses property to the Linked Descendant chart section
  • Added the [BrowserImageTypeChoices] and [LinkedTextTypeChoices] INI file sections to allow the user to control how external exhibit files are processed by file type
  • Added the Language.Default to English property
  • Added the Memo.Suppress Memo property
  • Added the Places.Use Place Style property
  • Added the Places.Place Format property
  • Places in Grid Format are now formatted using the place style, if Use Place Style is checked
  • Fixed a bug where name sentences that vary by gender were not working properly
  • Fixed a bug in the Carla's Graphics and Generic Graphics Themes where the Records, Links, and Photos buttons were not working properly
  • Fixed a problem where references to [LD] in a sentence would not remove the place detail field from the value of [L] in the same sentence
  • Fixed the Site.Site Chart List reference in the index.htm template for all Themes
  • Fixed a bug where the date in the build message was not formatted properly if the date format of the user's PC did not match the date format for the desired language
13 March 2003

Version 1.4 Build 0


  • Charts! Added the Charts Section with the following sub-sections:
  • Added the Lists.Person Entry Chart List property to control the placement of the chart list in person page entries
  • Added the Color Box to help pick colors for stylesheet properties and is part of a new feature: color names in stylesheet properties are converted to color codes in the stylesheets. The Color Box only appears when the text cursor is in a textbox for a color property
  • Added the "Full, then Short" choice to the Citation Sentence pull-down menu in the Sources Section. The first citation to a source for a particular person page entry will use the full footnote sentence. Any subsequent citation to the same source for the same person entry will use the short footnote sentence
  • Added support for Icons in the children section of person pages
  • Added the Data.Exhibits.Index Icon for Primary Image property. When checked, which is the default, an icon will appear next to the name of a person in the index if they have a primary image and if the Prmary Person Image property is either Embed or Link
  • Added support for translating tag labels; if a <language>.ini exists in the Defaults folder, SS will search it for English to <language> translations. See Germain.ini for an example
  • Changed the "Browse Site" command to support the HTMLFileSuffix parameter
  • Added the Grid style to the standard stylesheet to control the borders and spacing of the table used by the Grid format; introduced the g3 style and changed the g1 and g2 styles. The column widths can now be set by the user, with the exception of the third column that uses all the space not allocated to columns 1 and 2. Moved the Last Edited Date, Reference field, and Custom Flag displays into the grid proper
  • Added the Tag Strings.Primary Tag Marker property to set the text used to identify a primary tag. The default is "*"
  • Added a dash to the Years Only (Format 2) date format. This applies to index entries and chart entries
  • I renamed the Style.Show Pedigree property to Style.Show Pop-Up Pedigree. when Second Site opens existing SDF files, it will rename the old property, so the average user does not have to be concerned with this change. If a custom Theme references the old property name, which is unlikely, you will have to update the Theme
  • Added context-sensitive help for the Set Flag Icon, Add Flag Icon, and Set Source Category windows
  • Fixed a bug where the [DD] date variable did not honor string settings for month names, etc. As part of this change I added new Strings for the days of the week
  • Fixed a bug where multiple embedded citations within the same person page entry did not work properly
17 January 2003

Version 1.3 Build 0


  • Added the Icons section that associates icons with specific flag values
  • Added the Data.Exhibits.Exhibits Linked for Witnesses property
  • Added the Format.Show Gender property
  • Added support for TMG's Exhibit folder preference; if an exhibit is not found in the path specified by the exhibit record, Second Site will look for the file in the folder specified in TMG's Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced > Exhibit folder
  • Changed most of the help pages to a one-column format, rather than two
  • Added the PUP Subject style to control the formatting of the subject's cell in the pop-up pedigree
  • Fixed a bug where "This page was created by" was not translated for German sites
  • Changed German translation for Compiler.EMail Subject Prefix
  • Fixed a problem where doubled commas appeared when a sentence included a location variable followed by a parent variable.
  • Fixed a problem where History group tags did not appear in the Tags list and thus could not be excluded.
  • Fixed a problem where certain words in the Grid format output (Father, Mother, Witness) were not translated properly
  • Added documentation for the 2ndsite.ini file.
  • Added the HTMLURLPrefix and HTMLFileSuffix parameters to the [FileReferences] section of the 2ndsite.ini file
  • Added a partial fix for a bug involving unique citations where Second Site doesn't always recognize that the formatted citation is the same as a previous citation for the current subject. Now Second Site will collapse citations if the CDs differ, but no CD elements are referenced in the citation sentence, as is often the case with the Bibliography sentence. Second Site will not collapse citations if the citation sentence does not reference all the elements of a split CD and the only differences are in unreferenced split CD elements
  • Fixed a bug where the repository detail field was omitted for citation sentences on the person pages
  • Fixed a bug where names were not shown in the proper lastname-first sequence for citations and source page entries when the Bibliography sentence was selected for Data.Source.Citation Sentence or Data.Source.Source Sentence
14 December 2002

Version 1.2 Build 9


  • Added a new Theme, Side by Side, a framed Theme that has navigation entries in the left-hand frame
  • Added the Data.Dates.Person Index Date Format property
  • Changes related to internationalization:
  • The children section (Narrative Format) or child relationship tags (Grid Format) now include the "child indicator" after the person's name if the person has children and is included in the site. The Strings.People Strings.Children Indicator controls the string used as the children indicator; the default is "<b>+</b>" (a bold plus sign)
  • Changed the generated HTML to improve page rendering in Netscape Navigator 4.x (again)
  • Changed the handling of split Citation Detail fields; subfields that contain only blanks are considered empty. This now matches TMG behavior
  • Changed the handling of split Memo fields; subfields that contain only blanks are considered empty. This now matches TMG behavior
  • Changed the handling of split Place Detail fields; subfields that contain only blanks are considered empty. This now matches TMG behavior
  • Fixed a bug where periods embedded in the project name caused a database open error -61
  • Disabled some code in "browser.js" that detected whether the current browser supports cookies; it was causing cookie warnings for certain users, but Second Site pages do not require cookies
  • Fixed a name index problem where identical names were not always sorted by birth date
  • Added workaround for unexpected entries in the Tag Types table
  • Fixed a problem where the detail field of a repository address would not print under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where deleted datasets in a TMG v5 project were not excluded from the dataset pulldown menu
  • Fixed a bug where quoted names in source elements were parsed improperly
  • Fixed a bug where a tag with hundreds of roles caused an "Overflow" error
  • Fixed a problem where Second Site issued "Undefined Registry Return Code" messages when it was run from an account without Administrator privileges
  • Fixed a bug where the captions for embedded text exhibits were not formatted properly
10 September 2002

Version 1.1 Build 10


  • Improved image file format detection and error handling
  • Fixed a bug where Static Page Assignments wasn't working properly
6 September 2002

Version 1.1 Build 9


  • Added the Data.Exhibits.Alternate Image Folder property
  • Added [SS:] and [:SS] format codes; combined with TMG's [HID:] and [:HID] codes they allow you to create Second Site-specific text in memos. See Restricting Data to Second Site Only
  • Added full support for external image exhibits in PNG format
  • Fixed a bug where certain JPG files could not be processed and caused an "Automation Error" message in the Make Site log
  • Changed name parsing in source elements such that the surname ends at the first comma, rather than at the last comma as was the case in previous builds; this brings SS into agreement with TMG
  • Changed the hidden e-mail address process to avoid the use of dynamic HTML that was triggering a bug in Netscape Navigator 4.x
  • Fixed a bug where excluded surnames were not being handled properly in the index
  • Fixed a bug where the [SCAP:] and [:SCAP] printer codes were ignored
  • Fixed a bug where the [REPOSITORY REFERENCE] field was not displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug where the split memo fields did not work properly if Add Memo to Sentence was set to Do Not Append
  • Fixed a bug where formatting codes nested in bracketed literals would cause incorrect brackets in the output
29 August 2002

Version 1.1 Build 6


  • Added a new Theme, Carla's Graphics, that uses graphic sets defined by Carla's Graphic Designs
  • Added a new Theme, Generic Graphics, that is designed to accept graphics you find on the web or create yourself
  • Added the Pages.Page Sizes.Static Page Assignments checkbox property
  • Added the Media.Create GENDEX File checkbox property
  • Added the Data.Language.Sort Sequence property to control the sort order of names in the indexes created by Second Site
  • Added the Data.Sources.Citation Sentence property to control which source sentence (Full Footnote, Short Footnote, or Bibliography) Second Site uses for the citation sentences that are beneath the person page entries
  • Added the Data.Names.Pronoun Substitution property to control how Second Site substitutes pronouns for the [P] and [W] variables
  • Added the Data.Memo.Add Memo to Sentence property that can be set to "Append" or "Do Not Append". If set to Append, which is the default, the contents of the memo are appended to the end of the sentence if the sentence does not include the [M] variable. (Use [M0] (em-zero) to hide the memo for specific sentences.) If set to Do Not Append, the contents of the memo are only printed when the [M] variable is included in the sentence
  • Added support for TMG IDs used in place of names in source elements
  • Added the Pages.Site.HTML for Counter property; Second Site includes this text on the bottom of the main page. It is designed to allow people to add HTML for page visit counters
  • Added the Pages.Page Sizes.Name Index Reserve property; Second Site will not start a new surname on the current index page unless there are at least as many slots available as set by the Name Index Reserve property. The intent is to keep surnames with only a few names on the same index page. (Second Site has always had a name index reserve; it was hard-wired to 20 and was not exposed in the UI. Now it is)
  • Added support for "Ctrl-A" to select all the characters in a text property or in the text editing window (F7)
  • Added the "FirstPersonPageHREF()" method to the Site object to implement links to the first person page which may not be "p1.htm" if Static Page Assignments is checked
  • Add the Strings.Page Strings section that includes strings to control the "Pedigree" link text as well as the ALT text for the Next and Previous buttons in graphic Themes
  • Added a Topics List to help
  • Changed the display of names in short footnote sentences to always display the full name
  • Changed the Add Parent Sentence processing such that the sentence is added one day after the primary birth group sortdate rather than the actual date
  • Changed the Children section on the person pages; the spouses/partners are sorted by the earliest child the couple had together, which has always been true, but now the calculation is made using the sort date from the primary birth event, rather than the actual date
  • Second Site now checks the current template (-t) folder when an SDF file is opened to see if the Theme needs to be refreshed, and performs the refresh if the user approves
  • Changed the "Tip of the Day" window; it can now be left open while you use the main Second Site window
  • Changed the generated HTML to improve page rendering in Netscape Navigator 4.x
  • Fixed a bug where embedded citations would not always refer to the proper source when used with TMG v5 datasets
  • Fixed a bug where unprintable characters were included in the HTML for embedded citations in Grid format output
  • Fixed a bug where name memos were not appearing as footnotes even when the property was checked
  • Fixed a bug where setting Pages.Page Sizes.People per Page to 1 caused the first person page to be p2.htm rather than p1.htm
  • Fixed a bug where citation references were misplaced in certain cases if italic or bold text was in the sentence
  • Fixed a bug where source sentences were not always correct when read from TMG v5 projects that contain multiple datasets
  • Fixed a bug where single-excluded sentences could not be printed despite setting "Show Excluded Data" to True
  • Second Site now includes its version number in the SDF file and on the generated pages
26 July 2002

Version 1.0 Build 28


  • The Windows Script runtime files were removed from the Second Site install program. The install program now assumes that an appropriate version of the Windows Script subsystem is present. Second Site, however, checks Windows Script at startup, and if the subsystem is missing or out of date, Second Site directs the user to install it
  • The install program does not reset the registration data which should simplify the upgrade process a bit
  • Fixed a bug where " At " and other variable prefix words were added in front of source statement variables inappropriately
  • Fixed a bug where the entire memo was excluded if the memo contained subfields and the first subfield was excluded
  • Fixed a bug where all non-primary names were excluded after any excluded name while loading the names for a particular person
  • Fixed a bug where the Database Memo was not displayed properly for TMG v5 datasets
  • Added support for embedded citations in event memos
  • Added the Media.Add CD AutoRun Files property. When checked, Second Site adds files to the output directory to support "autorun". If those files are copied, along with the main site, to the root folder of a CD, inserting the CD will launch the index.htm file
  • Added support for the "RPAR:Rolename" variable
  • For TMG v5 datasets, added the name of the current dataset after the name of the current project below the Set Database... button in the Data.Database section
  • Added the Help > Subscribe to Second Site Newsletter command and added a message (one-time display only!) to urge people to subscribe
  • Added the display of the class name to the Stylesheet pages to help users who want to use the same classes in other HTML
  • Changed the method used to close the Tip of the Day window in an attempt to avoid a problem where a particular user is unable to close it
15 July 2002

Version 1.0 Build 23


  • Build 10 (below) introduced some errors...
    • Index entries now include inferred name parts as they did before build 10, but the narratives (or grid entries) do not except when a name with inferred parts appears in the narrative of another person, in which case the inferred parts are shown
    • The handling of the [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes was wrong; Second Site was deleting the text as well as the printer codes. Note that Second Site still does not honor the "[SIZE:]" and "[SIZE:]" printer code, but it now leaves the text enclosed by the codes in place

      UPDATE, 12 April 2008: The [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes are now supported.

    • The Lackey fix in build 10 only worked for TMG v4 datasets (with user input). Now Lackey sources work properly in TMG v5 datasets, too. If you are using TMG v4 datasets with Second Site, make sure that the File > Preferences > Source Categories... preference is set properly
  • Other items that have been fixed or modified...
    • Fixed a bug where Second Site was not ignoring certain deleted events in TMG v5 datasets
    • Changed Second Site's handling of fields that include excluded sensitive data (surrounded by { and }) to more closely match TMG
    • Fixed a bug where Second Site was not distinquishing between excluded surnames and missing or unknown surnames in the index for sites built from TMG v5 datasets
    • Database changes in the latest update to TMG v5 cause a problem where previous builds of Second Site issue an "Unrecognized Function" error
    • Some events were missing for female subjects in TMG v5 datasets. This was caused by a difference between how TMG v4 and TMG v5 store the sentence variations
    • The notation "[C= ,0 ,0 ]" sometimes appeared in output from TMG v5 datasets
    • Added the Data > Database > Include Witnessed Events property. When checked, which is the default, Second Site includes witnessed events in the person page narrative. When unchecked, witnessed events are ignored. In Grid format, witnesses are listed in the display of an event for a principal regardless of the setting of this property. Note that this property controls whether or not the person page entry includes events witnessed by the subject only
    • Fixed a bug where the OK button was not enabled when "<No Flag Field Filter>" was chosen from the list of Flags in the Set Flag Value Filter dialog
    • Fixed a bug where Second Site was not creating the value of the "RM" variable ("[RM:RoleName]") properly
    • Fixed a bug where Second Site was not reliably sorting person page entries in order by the TMG ID when processing TMG v5 datasets
    • Changed Second Site to support multiple variables within a conditional variable reference
    • Added a new "Force BMDB Sequence" property that is enabled when BMDB First is true. If checked, BMDB events in the first paragraph sort as follows: birth, marriage/divorce, death, burial. The primary event within any group (B, M, D, or B) will sort first. The remaining events within the group will sort by sort date. For marriage/divorce, the only way to get acceptable results when someone has a mixture of marriages and divorces is to set the sort dates
    • Added a new "Omit SortDate-Only Birth Events" property. If checked, Second Site will ignore birth group events that have no date, no location data, no memo, and no custom sentence. The event will be ignored for the principal as well as all witnesses. The default is unchecked
    • Changed exhibit file handling; Second Site will now detect duplicate file names for exhibit files and rename the second or subsequent files. This can happen when the source files come from different folders. Note that only the output files stored in the "-p" folder are changed. The original files are unchanged
    • Changed exhibit file handling; Second Site will now replace read-only exhibit files that exist in the "-p" folder from a previous execution of Make Site
    • Second Site now includes the memo attached to the primary name, if any, as a citation. This can be disabled by unchecking the new Data > Names > Show Primary Name Memo property
    • Changed Second Site so that its icon stays in the alt-tab window when the Make Site command is executing
29 June 2002

Version 1.0 Build 10


  • Fixed a bug related to custom sources when using Lackey source categories. Unfortunately, for TMG v4 datasets, the user must tell Second Site that Lackey source categories are being used. See File > Preferences > Source Category. The default is "Mills or Custom". For TMG v5 datasets, Second Site correctly detects Mills, Lackey, or Custom without input from the user
  • Fixed a bug where Second Site was not sorting index entries properly when people had middle names or suffixes.
  • Fixed a bug where Second Site had too low a limit on source elements and was not handling the case where that limit was exceeded
  • Fixed a bug where Second Site failed when the output of a sentence was empty, such as can be caused when all the elements are conditional and all the associated variables are empty
  • Fixed a problem where Second Site failed when there was an invalid source element definition. Second Site will now ignore invalid source elements, so the name of the invalid element will appear in the output
  • Fixed a bug in the PUPBody style in site.css for Soft Stone
  • Fixed a bug where printer codes such as "[:CR:]" where not being processed in image captions in Grid format pages
  • Fixed a bug where unprintable ASCII codes where being included in event memos for Grid format pages
  • Fixed a bug where name formatting was not honoring TMG's Infer Given and Infer Surname settings
  • Second Site now ignores differences in role names due to capitalization differences, for example, Witness = WITNESS
  • Second Site now ignores differences in capitalization when indexing surnames, for example, Atwood = ATWOOD
  • Second Site now ignores the [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes; it was not honoring the codes and should not have been passing them through into the output
  • In witness sentences, Second Site now treats all references to "current principal" variables (P, PG, PF, PGS, PFS, PS) as references to the equivalent principal one variables (P1, P1G, P1F, P1GS, P1FS, P1S). Similarly, all references to "other principal" variables are considered references to the equivalent principal two variables
  • Added support for sentence construct "<one principal|two principals> where there is no variable in the part that follows the "|"
  • Changed source number display for TMG v5 datasets to use the user-visible number, rather than the internal number
  • The Second Site install program now creates a desktop icon for Second Site
  • Second Site now avoids the use of a third-party component that doesn't work on all CPU models
23 June 2002

Version 1.0 Build 06

First public release!

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