Second Site News #031

2 August 2007

In this issue:

Second Site Version 2.0 (Build 7) Released

As was true of Second Site 1, I am committed to enhancing and improving Second Site 2 on a regular basis. In the latest release, which is free to all existing Second Site 2 customers, I've added some new features in response to user requests.

Repeat Marriage Tags

The new Format.Repeat Marriage Tags property controls the repetition of marriage tags in the Family Section. Many users ask how to remove those tags, and some users implement custom Formats for that reason. That works, but I'd rather not force users to create custom Formats for such a small change. That was the impetus for this new property.

The new property was implemented in such a way that existing custom Formats should not require changes, though changes may be desirable. I updated all the Formats supplied with Second Site to take advantage of the new option.

User Items in Multiple Menus

Users asked for a way to add User Items in multiple menus, and so I have expanded the choices in this release:

  • Top
  • Top, Bottom
  • MenuBar
  • MenuBar, Bottom
  • SideBar
  • SideBar, Bottom
  • Bottom

Customizing Themes

Many users have asked how to customize the Simple Blue Theme to change the color of text in the header. While the changes were possible via User Styles, I've added some properties to the Theme to simplify things.

Similarly, some users have asked how to restore the mixed-case titles and other header text in the nonzero - brown and nonzero - red Themes, and I have added parameters to those Themes in response.

I will continue to refine the Themes supplied with Second Site as new versions are released.

Custom Page Content

Some users who have added subitems to Custom Pages on their sites asked for a way to add headings or other text content to those pages. I added new User Items to do that, and included pictures and icon descriptions, too. Use the Picture User Item to add one or more pictures to a Custom Page. Add Icon Description User Items to create an icon legend.

I also expanded the Help page for Custom Pages by adding examples and other information.

New Exhibit Gallery Filters

Exhibit Galleries are a popular feature, and some users have requested additional filter options to control which image exhibits are included. This version includes two new fields for the Text Filter: Filename and Topic.

Other Changes

This release includes are other new features and enhancements, as well as some bug fixes. Please see the Change Log for details. Thank you.

Site Gallery

Second Site user Keith Winters has assembled a list of web sites created with the help of Second Site 2. Keith was inspired by a list created by Glenn Gilbert. As of now, the list has more than 75 entries and there's a lot of diverse sites.

If you have published a site using Second Site 2, and you aren't already on the list, use the Contact link on Keith's page to contact him and get added to the list.


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